Baby girl sitting on a mat wearing a pink dress with a hand in her mouth watching bubbles
Lady sitting down with a little girl on her lap playing with a toy teapot

Congratulations you’ve grown a tiny human! Epic news!


This really is cause for a celebration and a celebrant naming day offers a beautiful non-religious alternative to a christening. 

They say it takes a village to raise child so why not throw a celebration to thank your village for all that they have done for you during this life changing time. Celebrate the arrival of your child into the family, and the joys that this arrival brings by asking for their continual support throughout your little one’s life.

Every child is a blessing regardless of how they joined your family, be it biological, adoption, surrogacy, donor, or the merging of stepfamilies. All are life altering and are a cause for massive celebration.

Every naming ceremony is unique and personalised to the individual child.  There is no pattern or script to be followed allowing the ceremony to flow how you would like it to, and they can be held at any time and in any location.

dixon spelt out in coloured letters, with a sand ceremony behing and a picture in a frame behind it
Baby wearing white sitting on a black and white sofa

You might choose to include readings or poems and incorporate siblings in the welcoming, or even have a rousing sing song.

Perhaps you want a double naming ceremony to include an older sibling, no problem, double the celebration!

You may also wish to nominate non-religious godparents, friends or family members, who you would like to play a guiding role in your child’s life.  This is the perfect place for them to publicly declare their promises to your child, and for you to choose a suitable name for them for this new role. Life mentors, guide parents, supporting adults or even odd parents the choice really is yours. 

Other ideas you may choose to include:

  • Guide parents sand ceremony
  • Fingerprint tree
  • Buddhist flags
  • Guest message book

Although this is a formal baby naming ceremony, it holds no legal status and your baby’s birth must still be registered at a local registry office during the legal time span.

Let’s together make your ceremony individually unique to you.

Heart vase filled with different coloured sand in a stand

The fee (£300) will include: one or two meetings with the family, writing and planning the ceremony in accordance with your wishes and conducting the ceremony on the day. Also included within the fee is a presentation box of the personalised ceremony, and a unique commemorative certificate for the child and each of the guide parents.

If this sounds like the sort of personalised and unique ceremony that you would be interested in having, then drop me a line as I’d love to talk through your epic celebration with you.