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Another year married to the love of your life, definitely a cause for a celebration in my book!

Perhaps you are celebrating a milestone anniversary after 10, 25, 50 years together, or it could be any number from one up. Each anniversary is cause to stop and appreciate what it is that you have together in a way that is important and significant to you both.

A vow renewal ceremony can take place at any time, in any location and there are no legalities involved, the only limitations are your imagination!

I work with you both to create a beautiful, and unique ceremony to celebrate the past, present and future of your marriage. Each ceremony is written bespoke to you as a couple allowing for complete individuality. We can incorporate readings and symbolic elements and I will give you examples of wording for the ring rededication (or new ring if you are extra lucky!).  If you would like to write your own vows I can be the impartial person in the middle for you both to bounce ideas off.

You may wish to renew your vows for any number of reasons personal to you. Perhaps you originally had a destination wedding with only a handful of guests and now you are ready to celebrate with as many friends and family as you can.  Or perhaps you would like to have an intimate ceremony just the two of you to strengthen your love away from additional eyes. Maybe you would like to incorporate your children in a uniting family celebration, or to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a partially challenging time or a period of separation or illness. Regardless of the reason, let me help you make it an epic celebration!

Let’s together make your ceremony individually unique to you.

The script for a 20 year vow renewal ceremony is under a 20th Wedding Anniversary Certificate with a business card for SDCelebrations on the top. The lid for the presentation box is on the left.

The fee (£380) will include: one or two meetings with you, writing and planning your ceremony in accordance with your wishes and conducting the ceremony on the day. I also include a presentation box of your personalised ceremony and a unique commemorative certificate for you to sign during the ceremony.

If this sounds like the sort of personalised and unique ceremony that you would be interested in having, then drop me a line as I’d love to talk through your epic celebration with you.